Spring Nests

This week we are continuing to welcome spring by making our own

nests. These bird’s nests would make a beautiful centrepiece for a spring table.


  • paper lunch bags with squared bottoms (one per artist)
  • very thin twigs, pieces of dried grass, pine needles, spanish moss, etc.
  • glue squeeze bottles
 The children (or in this case, because of time restrictio
ns, the instructor) can go out and gather grasses, twigs, pine needles, leaves and other found objects. I found lots of twigs under the reawakening trees in our yard. I broke these up into man
ageable pieces. A local nature path provided lots of dead grasses for this project.
Put out glue on squares of waxed paper.
Put out piles of the natural materials.
Open up the lunch bag and turn inside out. The outside of the bag at the bottom is usually neater looking than the inside. That is what will show at the bottom of your nest.
Turn the top edge down and out. Continue rolling the top of the bag down and out till you reach the bottom. You may want to go around the bag with both hands and scrunch and gently pull outwards once or twice while rolling. 
When you get to the bottom, use both hands to scrunch the rolled sides into a nice circle with a bit of a lip so that the inside bottom of the nest is wider than the opening of the nest.  Shape into a nice nest shape with your hands. 

Take a small pile of twigs and break them up so they are no larger than about 4 inches. Break off any smaller branches if they are more than about a centimetre or two long. You want to use very thin twigs to create a great looking nest.
Glue the grasses, twigs and other natural materials to the paper bag, all the way around to create the look of a nest. 

Let dry thoroughly. Fill with something pretty or leave the nest as is and admire.
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